What do I know.

Why do people move?

Today most people move because of jobs and schools. I think that back in the day of the pilgrim age they moved because of weather, earth, source of water and to find the plains. The plains because it's easier to grow plants and crops. Most plains have a river/stream near by, so there's water, fish and maybe some other sea animals.

What do we do when people don't think, act or speak the same way we do?

We sometimes talk about it and reason with it. If the problem is religion then if the country is against a small population that are fugitives may have to move like the Pilgrims. Pilgrims were in Europe they were persecuted because they believed in something else and that's how the ended up in North America. Some start wars which don't turn out good on both sides. Like in World War 2 Hitler caused the Holocaust where all the Jews had died and so did Hitler. Religious persecution has been going on since the starting of man kind.

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